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Compared to 8% on other channels
100's of new techies
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The best people are never looking for a job.

BUT they are curious to see what they can get.

How it Works

  1. Top techies join Woo
    And tell us what they want from their next job (relocation, better compensation, work with a new technology etc.)
  2. You get matched to them
    With our matching technology which is based on their experience AND their personal expectations.
  3. Approach them with offers
    After viewing their anonymous profile you can approach them, as long as you meet their personal set of expectations.
  4. View their full info
    Techies that want to hear more from you will share their full profile, including their contact info.
  5. Get in touch
    To learn more about them and to set a time to interview them.
Exactly what does Woo do?
Woo gives you access to top tier techies who are browsing their options anonymously.

Personal expectations upfront
Discover what top tier techies, (who aren't available on other channels), are interested in hearing about, before you even approach them.

This important piece of information is what makes our matching way more accurate and it's the reason why you'll spend less time searching for the right people AND enjoy higher response rates from the people you do approach.

Keeping techies completely anonymous
Because we bring you techies that are happy with their current situation, we go to every measure to keep them completely anonymous. This means that we cloak their name and contact info. We also tweak their work and education history so that it's generic enough to make them feel safe and join us but still packed with enough information for you to make a decision.

A company profile that actually shows you off
We know exactly how to showcase your company to techies. We make sure they have everything they need to know about you and the position. From great looking photos to insights into your company culture that reflects your vibe.
Reach the best passive talent that WANT what you're offering